The NFL will apparently make betting-line history this week, when the undefeated Cowboys and perfect Patriots take on the hapless Dolphins and Jets, respectively.

What’s so extra-special about these one-sided outings (at least on paper)?

This Sunday marks the first time in the Super Bowl era that a pair of 20-plus-point spreads occur on the same NFL weekend.

In other words, if point spreads and fantasy football didn’t exist, the presumptive victories for Dallas and Miami would have likely been forgotten in no time.

1976 — Buccaneers @ Steelers (27 points … covered)
2013 — Jaguars @ Broncos (26 points … didn’t cover)
1993 — Bengals @ 49ers (24 points … didn’t cover)
1987 — Falcons @ 49ers (23.5 points … covered)
1977 — Buccaneers @ Cowboys (23 points … didn’t cover)
2019 — Jets @ Patriots (22 points)
2007 — Dolphins @ Patriots (22 points … covered)
2019 — Dolphins @ Cowboys (21 points)
1976 — Patriots @ Buccaneers (21 points … didn’t cover)
2011 — Colts @ Patriots (20.5 points … didn’t cover)
2013 — Jaguars @ Seahawks (19.5 points … covered)

Instead, we’ll get to pair these matchups against other historically exorbitant spreads, including Bucs-Steelers from 1976 (Pittsburgh covered the 27-point spread with a 42-0 romp) and Jaguars-Broncos from 2013 (Denver couldn’t cover the 26-point gap, but still gutted out a victory over Jacksonville).

Which brings us to this: It’s a little surprising the Sam Darnold-less Jets are larger underdogs (22 points) than the Dolphins (21 1/2 points).

After all, New York once owned a 16-0 lead in Week 1 (before falling to Buffalo) and surrendered only 23 points to the playmaker-heavy Browns on Monday night.

The Dolphins, however, have brought new meaning to the word wretched, losing their opening two games (both at home) by a cumulative score of 102-10.

Within that scope, would anyone have objected if the Cowboys (averaging 33 points per game) were 27-point favorites for Sunday, in line with the 1976 Steelers and 2013 Broncos?

Regardless, it should be fun to observe how the Cowboys and Patriots players/coaches react to being such overwhelming favorites. Will they for go the Vegas-style jugular Sunday … or just hit the Cruise Control lever sometime after halftime?

As for the other games on the college football and NFL dockets … BATSBY Sports offers its 15 most appealing picks for the upcoming weekend.

For what it’s worth, BATSBY went 4-3 with last week’s college picks … and 5-3 with the NFL action (9-6 overall). Strong start.

NOTE: This week’s college football and NFL odds are courtesy of



(Home team in CAPS)

Michigan State (-9.5) over NORTHWESTERN
Southern Miss (+39) over ALABAMA
Central Connecticut State (+33) over EASTERN MICHIGAN
MISSISSIPPI STATE (-6) over Kentucky


Louisiana State vs. VANDERBILT (62 total points) … UNDER
Western Michigan vs. SYRACUSE (65.5 total points) … OVER
BYU vs. Washington (50.5 total points) … OVER



DALLAS (-21.5) over Miami
MINNESOTA (-8) over Oakland
SEATTLE (-4.5) over New Orleans
Chicago (-4.5) over WASHINGTON


N.Y. Giants vs. TAMPA BAY (48 total points) … UNDER
N.Y. Jets vs. NEW ENGLAND (43.5 total points) … OVER
BUFFALO vs. Cincinnati (44 total points) … OVER
KANSAS CITY vs. Baltimore (54.5 total points) … UNDER